Ehsaas Loan Program

Ehsaas Loan Program

Ehsaas Loan Program: The Pakistani government has announced the Ehsaas Loan Program 2024, which aims to expand the Ehsas program and BISP. Similar to the Ehsaas Scholarship Program, it helps impoverished students and marginalized communities by offering interest-free loans. Through the PPAF, Prime Minister Mister Shahbaz Sharif has adopted Bila Sood Qarza‘s initiative. It provides 8,000 rupees per month through 1,110 lending facilities.

Ehsaas Loan Program Latest Update

Become registered for PM interest-free lending programs to release yourself from the chains of poverty. Register online for the Ehsaas Loan Program here if you wish to launch a new business or deal with financial difficulties while pursuing your education. The online registration form for 2024 can be found here. You have a three-year extension to swiftly repay the loan. 

8171 Ehaas Loan Program

Are you an unemployed citizen living paycheck to paycheck or a student in need of financial assistance? A lady who aspires to social independence? If so, all of these issues are intended to be addressed by the Ehsaas Loan Program. It was launched in March 2020 by Prime Minister Imran Khan as a component of the larger Ehsaas Program. 


Ehsaas Loan Program

A requirement for eligibility must be met to apply for interest-free loans from Ehsaas. Pakistani nationals between the ages of 18 and 60 meet the requirements, with a poverty score of 0–40. Visit the Ehsaas lending center that is closest to you to register for the Ehsaas lending program. Its primary target audience includes ladies, transgender individuals, worthy students, and jobless individuals searching for businesses. 


The Ehsaas Loan Program provides significant relief to transgender and poor, deserving people, women, students, employees making less than 40,000, and employees with special needs. It offers interest-free loans ranging from 2000 PKR to 200000 PKR. The funds can be used by recipients to launch a new business, and the loan can be repaid in three convenient installments. Register in the program right now by meeting the requirements for eligibility. 

The following applicants are qualified for an interest-free loan offered by Ehsaas Program

  • A person with an income of less than Rs 4000
  • Especially the capable person
  • Transgenders
  • Students deserve
  • Startup
  • Poverty Scores 0-40
  • Age 18-60
  • Pakistani citizens have a valid CNIC
  • The EHSAAS Loan Program holds 50 % of its loans for female candidates.

The Ehsaas Loan Program for the year 2024 is open to applicants who meet the aforementioned requirements. A five-lakh loan has been set aside to help Pakistani small enterprises. Within three to four weeks, if all goes according to plan with your registration request, you will receive a confirmation Message.

Now you can get all the information about Ehsaas interest-free Loan for 2024


Five billion dollars have been set aside by Pakistan’s federal government to provide Bila Sood Qarza to the country’s poor residents. These loans are given in cooperation with 22 partner organizations that conduct business in Pakistan. The procedures for applying to the Ehsaas Loan Program are as follows.

How You Can Get a Loan From Ehsaas Ehsaas Program

  • One well-known online resource for applying for interest-free loans is the Ehsaas Loan APP. It provides a user-friendly interface. This is where the part about entering CNIC is located. After providing the necessary information, your request will be handled, and you’ll be done.
  • Go to the Pakistan Poverty Alleviation Fund’s official website and follow the easy instructions to complete the registration forms. Personal details including your name, CNIC, and family members can be needed.
  • Visit the closest Ehsaas Loan Center, which is committed to assisting and directing regular people, to register.
  • Finally, utilize the 8171 web interface, which just needs a 13-digit CNIC number to be entered.

Ehsaas Loan Collaboration With Groups

1,100 Loan Centers have been set up around the country to provide loans ranging from Rs 10,000 to Rs 500,000 in 147 districts. These associates, which include Akhuwat and the Pakistan Poverty Alleviation Fund (PPAF), are crucial to the program.

PPAF Partner Organizations List

  • Akhuwat Foundation (AF)
  • Awami Development Organization (ADO)
  • AGHAHE Pakistan
  • CSC Empowerment & Inclusion Program (CEIP)
  • Environmental Protection Society (EPS)
  • Rural Community Development Program (RCDP)
  • SAFCO Support Foundation (SSF)
  • Sustainable Development, Education, Rural Infrastructure, Veterinary Care & Environment (SERVE)
  • Sayya Microfinance Company (SMC)
  • Sindh Rural Support Program (SRSO)
  • Thardeep Rural Development Program (TRDP)
  • RCDP
  • Initiative for Development & Empowerment Axis (IDEA)
  • Center of Excellence for Rural Development (CERD)
  • Khwendo Kor (KK)
  • Balochistan Rural Development Society (BRDS)
  • Participatory Integrated Development Society (PIDS)
  • Farmers Development Organization (FDO)
  • FFO Support Program (FFOSP)
  • Ghazi Barotha Taraqiati Idara (GBTI)
  • Health & Nutrition Development Society (HANDS)
  • Mojaz Foundation (MF)
  • National Rural Support Program (NRSP)
  • Organization for Poverty Reduction & Community Training Program (OPRCTP)
  • Punjab Rural Support Program (PRSP)


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