Askari Bank Personal Loan

Askari Bank Personal Loan

Askari Bank Personal Loan offers unmatched financing features in terms of Loan amount, affordable and convenient monthly installments, and repayment period. The bank takes special care to ensure that all your financial and financial needs are met through a personal Loan. Askari Bank Personal Loans can be availed for various purposes like education, marriage, debt consolidation, and holidays.

You can easily avail of Askari Bank personal Loan without any hassle and hassle. However, offers to compare yours with all personal loans of all other banks in Pakistan. It helps you understand the loan features and collect all other information. also provides complete guidance and helps you in selecting the right personal loan. It also helps you in calculating the EMI and interest rate.


Askari Bank

Important and Salient Features of Askari Bank Personal Loan

Askari Bank Personal Loan Askari Bank provides personal finance to meet the financial and economic needs of people. This loan is divided into affordable monthly installments for your best and easiest convenience. It is being given in easy installments to the salaried class, self-employed businessmen, or self-employed people. You can take the best advantage of Askari Bank personal loan limit increase facility after one year.

Why should we choose Askari Bank Personal Loan?

If you are worried about your financial situation and needs, a Personal Loan is available to help and facilitate people. You can avail of a loan amount from PKR 50,000 to PKR 2 million through Askari Bank. The loan tenure will range from 1 year to 5 years, thus making it quite easy for you to repay it. All these benefits are offered for your utmost convenience and ease so that you can meet your financial needs without any difficulty or hassle.

Eligibility Criteria for Askari Bank Personal Loan

  • The age limit of salaried persons is fixed from 21 years to 62 years.
  • The age limit for self-employed businessmen or self-employed persons is fixed from 23 years to 65 years.

Required Documents for Askari Bank Personal Loan

The following are the Essential Documents Required:

For Salaried Persons:

  • Duly filled registration form
  • 2 passport-size photographs
  • A photocopy of your valid CNIC
  • Current 03 months salary receipt
  • Current 06 months to 1-year bank statement

For Self-Employed Businessmen or Self-Employed Persons

  • Duly filled registration form
  • The full and correct address of your business
  • A duly maintained business account in the bank
  • Two passport-size photographs
  • A copy of your valid CNIC
  • Business NTN Number
  • Current 06 months to 1-year bank statement

Why Compare Askari Bank Personal Loan on

You can compare with all other personal loans of all major banks in Pakistan through At we provide you with all the required information and details about Loan so that you can make an informed and satisfied financial decision by comparing with other loan providers. You need to find out about all the information by visiting and clicking on the personal loan tab to compare the personal loans available there. The loan terms are flexible and you can choose the repayment tenure that best suits you. Moreover, Askari Bank also offers competitive interest rates and flexible repayment options.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the Eligibility Criteria

Answer: Any salaried individual or self-employed/entrepreneur between the ages of 21 years to 62 years meets the eligibility criteria for an Askari Bank. Apart from this, the age limit for self-employed businessmen or self-employed persons is fixed between 23 years to 65 years. This age limit is set to ensure that all self-employed individuals have the necessary skills and knowledge to run their businesses. It also ensures that they are financially stable enough to support themselves and their families.

Q: Which Bank is Best for a Personal Loan?

Answer: offers a great facility to compare personal loans offered by all major banks in Pakistan. You should visit and use the personal loan comparison service to evaluate the various loan options and what works best for you. This age limit also helps to ensure that self-employed individuals are not taking advantage of tax benefits meant for younger individuals. It also helps to protect the government from subsidizing businesses that are not financially viable.

Q: How Much Can an Individual Borrow

Answer: You can get a personal loan from Askari Bank from PKR 50,000 to PKR 2 million in monthly and easy installments. You can meet your financial needs as much as possible without any difficulty and hassle through the loan amount obtained.


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